Let it Rock — The Empty Rocker

The rocker will have to wait.
The rocker will have to wait.

So the big guy was going to retire a couple of years ago. He’d been at the Bank of the Free World for most of his life and we had already bought a house in Florida. After putting it off for a couple of years it was finally going to happen. In March he went to his boss with the news. “Is there anything we can do to make you stay?” she asked. Laughter.

In anticipation of his impending leisure years, I bought him this antique rocker for his birthday. It was just like him, sturdy but well worn with a beautiful patina of age. And it was a bargain. He loves bargains. I gave it a little touch up, careful not to lose the wonderful character. Perfect.

Before his butt even hit the newly reupholstered cushion, they offered him a job in, of all places, HONG KONG. Big job, cool place, international travel, bank’s paying? Let’s rethink this whole retirement thing. OK, let’s go.

For now the rocker will have to wait. We’re off on an adventure. Follow us for news and photos of our travels as we take a giant leap outside our comfort zone and move halfway across the world. It’s going to be great…right?

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