All That We Can’t Leave Behind

As exciting as this new adventure seems, we're leaving behind a very cool little town. Meet Stuart, Florida.
As exciting as this new adventure seems, we’re leaving behind a very cool little town. Meet Stuart, Florida.

I recently saw a blog post about our town of Stuart, Florida from Globetrotting Mommy and I think she got it just about right. However, speaking as a fairly recent “local” there are a few more things that I’ll really miss about my little town.

The Black Marlin
The Black Marlin

The Black Marlin, a nice, quiet little restaurant/bar where the bartenders remember you even if you don’t go there all the time.

Lady Abundance welcomes visitors to Beautiful Historic Downtown Stuart.

The Abundance Statue, a fountain that we irreverently call “The Lady With the Big Jugs.” She was donated to the City of Stuart by The Woman’s Club of Stuart. She’s beautiful all lit up at night with the water running.

Memorial Day weekend at Stuart Beach. Notice the large empty patch of sand

Stuart Beaches — there are lots of them with plenty of parking and no meters. If you’ve been to South Florida, this is like spotting Elvis or a unicorn. It’s so unbelievable I almost don’t want to tell anybody.

The Schooner Lily

First Mate Jamie & Captain Fred sail the Schooner Lily are fine musicians and provide a bit of musical entertainment on the trip.

A sunset sail aboard The Lily is one of my favorite things to do in Stuart. She’s a two masted schooner with a flat bottom and was originally used to haul cargo. Owners Captain Fred and First Mate Jamie have restored her as a passenger vessel.  Guests  help raise the sails and shoot a miniature cannon to celebrate the beautiful sunset on the St. Lucie River. Best of all, passengers can bring small coolers and have a snack and a beverage while they sail.

These are just a few of the things I’ll miss and I’ve made some great friends whom I will miss as well.. As you can see we’re in for some big changes ahead but we’ll be back so we’re not really leaving all this behind.

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  1. donnaswift says:

    OMG Sharon, there are so many things you will leave behind both in Stuart and Charlotte but think of the zillion new experiences you will have in Hong Kong. My oh my. Your palate will change; your shopping habits will change; you will long for many things AMerican but you will have a blast and these next 2 years will FLY by. You still will be able to have your loved ones around you and yes, even someof your AMerican friends will pop over—maybe.

    Just soak it all up and keep us informed of ALL of the fun things you are experiencing and learning.

    You will be MISSED.

    1. smasonnc says:

      Thanks for my first comment, Donna. I am very excited about the adventure. It will be a sharp contrast to sleepy Stuart and I’ll miss everybody a lot.

  2. Karen Spotts says:

    I got a kick out of your article. I’ve been in Stuart since 07 and never heard that lady with the big jugs. Super funny. Thank you for sharing .

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