Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

In anticipation of our move to Hong Kong, I just ordered the Kelly Moore 2 Sues. So far so good. It handles a decent amount of stuff and looks pretty good. I don’t need something “cute that doubles as a diaper bag.” My criteria were comfort, space and pockets. The fact that it is waterproof doesn’t hurt, either and it comes with two straps so it can go over the shoulder or cross-body.  The fact that there is no flap is a big plus. I had a Crumpler bag that I used only once because the flap was a pain. I especially like the fact that the height of the bag accommodates even my long lens. When I’m not toting a big ol’ zoom, I can carry a wide angle and a fisheye, perfect for city photography.

A fold out flap on the outside could hold cash and credit cards but it seems more practical to just throw them all in the collection plate at the nearest church rather than letting some thief have them. I tend to keep a close eye on my memory cards and other valuables ever since an incident at Semina Santa in Spain. I lost two days worth of shots to a pickpocket who was probably bummed to find memory cards instead of cash or credit cards. Lesson learned. Watch your stuff.

An outside flap holds memory cards, and there are slots for business or credit cards.
Front flap holds memory cards, and there are slots for business or credit cards.

The front two pockets hold extra stands for using an off camera flash, batteries, tripod plates, lens and body caps, a remote trigger and a wifi connector. There are still lots places to keep cash, credit cards, and all the random stuff I carry around.

Handy front pockets make little gadgets accessible.

Negatives: I was a little apprehensive to pay so much for a vinyl bag and there is already a tiny ding on one of the flaps. This bag is not as large as it looks in the videos but that isn’t totally a bad thing because it forces me to be judicious about the gear I really need. I tend to carry a backbreakingly loaded bag so my chiropractor will be pleased. After deducting a star for the price and the material, I give this bag four stars out of five and I will update this review after I have really seen it in action.

What’s your favorite bag and what do you like best about it?

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